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摄影与录像 游戏 교육 관련 퍼즐
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Colorblind is a game that challenges your ability to memorize and create colors. Remembering numbers, letters, words, sounds...thats easy. Memorizing a color stretches the minds ability in a completely different way! The premise of the game is simple; after being shown a color, and you must reproduce it using Red, Blue, and Green sliders (RGB). You have a series of lifelines at your disposal that add to your strategy...but in the end...only you can determine whether or not you are truly Colorblind.

Additionally, this game doubles as a valuable instructional tool for learning RGB additive colors. So whether your a decorator, photographer, computer artist, graphical designer, or just a person looking for a quick game that is both educational and fun...this is the game for you.

-- Personal High Scores
-- Eight individual lifelines
-- RGB Helper numbers
-- Social Network Integration for Twitter and Facebook
-- Global Community Chat Rooms
-- Game Specific Chat Rooms
-- Online Leaderboards (Global and location specific)
-- In-Game Alerts
-- NEW! - Achievements and Unlockables
-- NEW! - Player Profiles
-- NEW! - Friends Lists
-- NEW! - Feint Player Points System
-- OpenFeint 2.0 Integration

Colorlind is a ChewSoft LLC game.